My Day…

I’ve been trying to turn up a new server for oh, about six months.  Actually, had it working at one point, then it started crashing.

We replaced the motherboard, Carl did the physical install, and found the Ethernet not working.  Went through a process that was supposed to fix that but it didn’t so ended up reloading CentOS again.

Had a hard time getting virtual machines working, thought it was missing packages, ended up screwing up libraries so bad I had to reload the operating system, again.  But, in the process I discovered virtualization was disabled in the BIOS, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Then doing virtual servers on Linux requires setting up a network bridge by hand because the GUI tools don’t know bridges.  And I futzed that up and isolated the machine from the net in the process, so I have to go down again tonight but, my wife is at band and has the car so that will have to wait.

I am convinced this machine is possessed by evil spirits.

Well, I’m around for a couple of hours kind of stranded, so if anyone has something you need help with or some money you just have to unload, ..  yea wishful thinking I know, well, I’m here!