User Directory and Rand-O-Dex

I posted a message earlier asking for help with a perl script that was used for Rand-o-Dex (displays a random customers page).

Well, I chased the problem down to a missing script that the perl script called, and that script has been gone so long there was no hope of retrieving from backups.  So I wrote a script from scratch just using shell and got things working again.  So now, the user directory and Rand-o-Dex work once more.

However, there is a problem relating to caching in the browser.  Even if I add a Pragma NoCache meta tag and an expire meta tag, and tell Apache to expire in one second, Firefox and Aurora cache it anyway, so to get a different users page it is necessary to hold shift down while you do a reload.

If anyone knows of any fool-proof way to make Firefox NOT cache the page, please let me know.