Scientific, Debian Maintenance 3/12/2014 Evening

I don’t know exactly at what time but we will be taking these machines (actually the physical host that hosts them) down for around a half-hour sometime during the evening.

Please use or while debian and scientific are down.

The machines will be suspended so any running processes will resume when we bring it back up.

This machine has a CPU which has some internal thermal problems, the cores are very hot even though it’s not overclocked and running at the minimum voltage it will run stable and the case temperature is barely above room temperature.

Previously, the cores were hot even when idling, but after adjusting the voltage it idles cool, but under load still gets too hot.  This results in throttling (reducing CPU speed to keep temperatures within limits) and as a result less than the performance this machine should provide.

Intel has agreed to replace the CPU but we have to get some information off of it for this to happen and that is what this downtime will be for.