Yahoo Saga Continues…

Today, I received a bunch of bounces from applications for accounts on my Photo Gallery (CopperMine) from Yahoo addresses.

I deleted all of these that were still in queue and disabled account creation in CopperMine.

So this probably hasn’t helped our stance from Yahoo’s perspective, though it would be nice if they’d actually communicate.  It would also be helpful if they’d reject messages with the correct code, permanent rejections should use 5xx not 4xx as Yahoo is using.  Using the latter means people won’t find out there is a problem until a bounce happens perhaps weeks later, and it eats up a lot of mail resources unnecessarily on both ends.

Anyway, per their best practices pages, I’m working on getting DKIM and DMARC installed.  Not that either of these would have prevented a single spam since the spams were sent with hacked accounts, (and it’s not as if Yahoo hasn’t had their own problems with hacked accounts) and thus would have been signed as legitimate if these things had been in place, and really SPF, which is in place, serves the same purpose.

I tried e-mailing but just got referred to the same web page that doesn’t work.  Tried calling, just got referred to the same page that doesn’t work.

If anybody knows how to reach an actual human being at Yahoo that might actually care that they’re blocking legitimate e-mail, please let me know.