User Meetings April 2015 Location

I plan to start up the Eskimo North monthly user meetings starting April of 2015.

Since the first place we held the meetings at (Godfathers Pizza) went out of business, and the second Pizza place (I can’t remember the name anymore, on 15th NE and about 147th) burned to the ground, we’ve got to decide on a new location.

I’d like to find a place that is amiable to our presence, large enough and not too crowded that we can congregate without disturbing other business and quiet enough that we can converse without being overwhelmed by noise and disturbances.

It should be a place that has good public transportation services so people without vehicles can get there easily.  I am in Shoreline but would be willing to commute to a more centrally located place so it is not so inconvenient to Southenders as our last location.

If we choose another food establishment it should be something that most will enjoy and can afford.

I’d like your input.  You can comment here, I’ve also created a new forum for discussion.