Fedora 21 Upgraded

The Fedora upgrade has been a success.

That said, the one thing I HATE about Fedora 21 is the Software Installer, actually I hated the Software Installer in Fedora 20, but then I had options, Packages, Apper, etc, but they’ve broken back-end support for categories so these alternatives no longer work.

Now, if you don’t know the name of a package (and then you can use yum), you’re stuck with browsing through an ultra-slow interface, to install extremely slowly (if it doesn’t blow up altogether) software the Fedora folks have decided are worthy of being included.

It is slow, arbitrary, hard to find things, and when you do find them it takes forever and a day and you can only install from one subcategory at a time, it won’t show you any others until installations finish in the first.

I wish they’d take a clue from OpenSuse, their installer, Yast, resolves dependencies up front so you know about any conflicts and can select a resolution BEFORE you start the install process.  It lays things out in an logical organized fashion, it doesn’t require someone to create a graphic for each potentially installable program before it can be included.

So to the Fedora folks, if you want to create a highly graphical kludgey installer, great, but leave the back-end support in place for more functional installers that work.