Maintenance Friday 1/30/2015 10PM – Saturday 1/31/2015 2AM

I will be rebooting all EL6 based servers, this will include Iglulik, the main file server and server for some virtual machines, Virtual, another virtual machine server, mx1 and mx2 incoming mail servers, mail, shellx, scientific, radius1 to load a new kernel that fixes a new exploit that doesn’t lead to privilege escalation but can allow someone to remotely crash a server with properly crafted packets.

I will also be imaging these machines while they are down so that if we have to restore a system the restoration image will have the fixes for Ghost in place.  If time allows I may take some other machines down for imaging as well.

Because Iglulik has the user files and mail spool, I will be rebooting it just after midnight and during this time everything else will freeze.  This process takes about 20 minutes.

Servers which are replicated will be done earlier in the day.  The shell severs will start at 10pm, and I will take one at a time so others will be available for your use when any given server is being worked upon.  I will do the client mail server and web server when I’ve completed the shell servers.