Referrals Appreciated

January, and to a somewhat lesser extend February, are typically lean months for Eskimo North, and by extension myself personally, owing to a combination of people recovering from Christmas, having to spend more for heating, etc.

At the same time I have higher than normal expenses, a $200 “maintenance” fee from one of our DSL providers, a $500 extortion fee to maintain our entries in the RADB routing database so our IP space is visible on networks that filter BGP4 routes against RADB (I say extortion fee because charging $500 to maintain a simple database entry is ridiculous and they only get away with it because they’re a monopoly in this critical area), etc.

I really appreciate it when you refer new customers to Eskimo North.  I also appreciate it your business.  If you’re finding yourself constantly running out of quota, please consider upgrading your account.  If there is a website you’ve been thinking about creating, now is an excellent time.

I apologize that I’ve been a little slow to respond to some of your requests.  I’ve been ill, first a flu at the beginning of January, then a month long head cold that is finally abating, so I’ve also been a bit low on personal energy but I’m largely on the mend now.