Mammoth – The Remaining Three Customers

This will affect the remaining three customers not affected by the first outage.  Again, it will result in being moved to a faster backbone circuit so end result is worthwhile.

Date: 3/11/2015
Start time: 5:00 am MST
End time: 8:00 am MST
Affected: 74/OBGJ/090579//ACSO


Maintenance is being performed in order to groom the OC3 circuits to the new OC12
circuit. All ATM customers on: 74/OBGJ/090579//ACSO will be affected. Customers will
go down and come up as their circuits are groomed to the new service, some customers
may need to reboot to restore services. Estimated downtime is roughly 2 hours but
maybe as short as 5 minutes for some customers.