Old Eskimo Server – Parts Needed

     Those of you who would like to see the old ‘eskimo.com’ SunOS 4.1.4 based shell server stay alive please read on.

     One of two things needs to be done, either I’ve got to successfully get this operating under an emulator such as the Qemu Sparc emulation, some people have succeeded, but so far, not I, or I’ve got to find another M-Bus CPU module for this thing (preferably two identical so it can be quad CPU instead of dual CPU as it presently is).

     Getting emulation working would be my preferred option since it would forever eliminate the unobtainable hardware issue but in the meantime hardware is needed.

     I have a spare chassis, motherboard, power supply, but no spare M-Bus CPU modules and these have been the only components that have failed, and these have failed repeatedly.  The unit presently in place occasionally screws up which suggests it may be on it’s way.

     I have searched Google and E-Bay but so far nothing really affordable or if it’s affordable not readily identifiable as compatible.  Any help along these lines would be appreciated.