Venom Vulnerability

     If you’ve read about the venom vulnerability, you need not be concerned with respect to our virtual machines here as we do not use a floppy disk emulation in any of the virtual machines.  A floppy drive isn’t included in the default configuration of the virtual machines provided by any modern version of Linux that I am aware of.

     Beyond that, the network connections are provided by the virtual machine, if you were able to crash them you wouldn’t have a network connection to them any more.  And since it’s crashed, any changes you made won’t be written to the virtual disk.

     There aren’t many uses for floppy drives on physical hardware these days let alone a need to emulate one.  Since network connections are lost upon crashes it makes it not a real useful remote exploit.  I suspect these are the reasons there are no known cases of this particular vulnerability being exploited even though it has existed since 2004.