Wind Storm Issues

     Our servers are in a facility with UPS and diesel backup so they are not directly affected by the storm.  But my home office has two ways of getting to the Internet, a T1 to the co-location facility and a Comcast Cable modem.

     The T1 is down hard, and the Comcast service has been down more than it’s been up. Our telephone service is also Comcast.  Consequently if you can’t get through please leave voice mail with your name, telephone number, login, and the nature of your issue.

     As an alternative, use the ticket system.  In either case, I will get to your issue as soon as I am able.  Our connectivity to my office today has been highly Intermittent, but the servers at the co-location facility have been solid.

     In addition to wired services being out, our T-mobile cellular service has also been mostly inoperative today.  So please be patient.