Messy Upgrade But Worth It!

     I apologize that the last two months have had some difficulties and interruptions but there was good reason for it.


     As you can see, web response latency spikes are GONE.  This means people viewing your web page hosted here will never see a delay.

     You can verify this for yourself by signing up for Google Webmaster tools, on your site hosted here, and following the Crawl Stats (under the Crawl pull-down).

     In addition to the improvement of web response time, all user data is now on RAID10 disk arrays.  RAID10 means both mirrored (for redundancy) and stripped (for speed).

     Drive failures will not result in lost customer data and the read speed is doubled. RAID10 keeps a fully redundant copy of your data, not just hash sums, so there is no rebuild time in the event of a failed disk.