New Forum Software

     Forums has been replaced with new software, phpBB 3.1.6.

     I’ve run phpBB in the past but went away from it because it lacked support for responsive themes and was generally slow.

     MyBB had responsive themes but they turned out to be ugly and really ONLY looked okay on mobile devices.  On a wide screen they’d jam everything over in the left corner.

     MyBBS broke badly when we went to an all encrypted site.  For some reason enabling SSL broke a bunch of things on MyBB.

     The current phpBB is responsive by default, so now Forums will display properly on your cell phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

     In addition, phpBB 3.1.6 works properly on an SSL encrypted https site.

     The captcha is both easier to use for people and harder to use for bots.  Accounts are registered instantly by e-mail.

     Our current web server platform runs phpBB fast so speed is no longer a problem.

     From our main website, use Web Apps → Forums or you can use the direct URL