WordPress Hosting Model

     I recently joined a Facebook group, “WordPress Hosting”, to gain a better understanding of the hosting market, what my competitors are doing.

     What I’ve learned is there is one large company buying up smaller hosting companies and generally providing very poor service after they acquire them but they are paying up to $200/customer to acquire these companies.

     In response to this a lot of small companies have sprung up offering re-seller accounts and they will pay re-sellers for new accounts up to close to that price with the intent of once they acquire a large enough customer base, selling out.

     They make money, the customer with the long term contract for what they thought would be quality hosting gets screwed.

     I’ve also learned the majority of these providers use cpanel, and the majority of them don’t execute individual sites code with their own UID so when one site gets hacked the whole lot of them do.  Problems with defaced sites and Trojan software run rampant on these sites.

     Because of these sites WordPress has gotten a bad rap.

     This is not my model.  Those of you that have been with us know that Eskimo North has remained independently owned since ten years before the Internet even existed.  I’m not here just trying to collect numbers to sell out.  I’m here to offer you reliable secure consistently high performing service over the long haul.

     If you have someone design a website for you, find out if they’re recommending a hosting company based upon a commission they are getting or based upon the performance you will get.  If they’re recommending someone else, odds are good it’s the former.