Google Page Rank

     If you are trying to generate business with your website, then you want as much traffic as you can get.  Google drives the majority of search engine traffic to your site.  Like ’em or hate ’em, if Google ranks you poorly your traffic will suffer.

     Today Google factors in several things when it ranks your site.  As always quality contents and relevant links to your site remain important.

     But these days, about 40% of your traffic will come from mobile devices IF and only if your site is mobile friendly or responsive.  Google will no longer send mobile traffic to non-mobile friendly sites.

     Also important in Google ranking is SSL.  Google will rank your site higher if it is SSL capable.

     Lastly, speed!  A very recent study plotted a large number of sites with Google ranking on one axis and response time on the other and there was an almost linear relationship between page speed and Google ranking across the board.

     I do everything I can to make the hardware and software infrastructure as fast as it can be without sacrificing security, including support for HTTP2.  In order to take advantage of SSL and HTTP2 support, an SSL certificate is required.  I recommend Comodo as they are widely recognized by many browsers and if anything ever happens, like your key being compromised, they provide excellent support, re-issued a compromised certificate for me at no charge.  But I will install, at no charge, any certificate you provide.

     If you need help generating a CSR, e-mail, use the ticket system, Support->Tickets, or phone 206-812-0051 and I will be happy to assist you.