User Meeting August 27th 3-6pm Spiros on Aurora

     I have not scheduled a user meeting since April for two reasons:

  1. The relative poor turn-out at the April meeting.  We only had about half a dozen people show.
  2. My health has been problematic.  I have been battling diabetic neuropathy and until very recently associated pain was very poorly controlled.  I’ve recently switched medications and am doing much better.

     So hopefully we’ll see some of you there.  I am now getting back to some projects that have been placed on hold for a while.

     The next meeting will be on August 27th starting at 3PM at Spiros on 185th and Aurora in the Fred Meyer parking lot.  It will be in the banquet room.  I hope enough of you come to justify reserving the room in the future.

     For directions please see: