Upgrade In Progress

     The web server is in the process of being upgraded from Ubuntu 15.10, which is no longer receiving security updates, to Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS, which will be supported for some time.

     I hope that it will be stable this time.  When 16.04 LTS came out I upgraded and found that it was not stable, but I’ve been running several other servers on 16.04.1 as well as a couple of workstations and thus far they have all been stable so I am optimistic that the stability issues have been fixed in the ‘.1’ release.

     If not, I have made an image of the machine prior to upgrading so we can revert if necessary.

     There may be an interval of several hours where MySQL and PHP are not working and our website will be down during this time.  This is because of the way that Ubuntu updates, first it downloads all the necessary package, then it unpacks them over the existing packages, THEN it configures the new packages.  Between the time of unpacking and configuring there may be some time where things do not function.