System Maintenance Completed – Finally

     System maintenance did not go smoothly tonight.  It went smooth on two of three physical host machines, the third, which happens to host the /home directories, would come up then halt with the supposed detection of a power surge.

     Since this behavior did not start until after software upgrades, I assumed it had something to do with the upgrade, backed it out and re-applied, then it came up and ran.  This was made difficult by the fact that the machine usually would not run long enough to do anything before it died again so it required many attempts.  Grub is also buggy on these machines and does not display the boot menu so booting an old kernel to fix it was not an option.

     Compounding the problem, one of the ethernet cables is flakey and I was out of spares so will have to get some replacements.  I got it to work and I am sure it will work until physically disturbed again but connectors you have to wiggle to get to work are no good.