Mint – X2Go, NX, RDP, and VNC All Supported Now

     Mint now supports connections to full graphical remote desktops using X2Go, NX, RDP, and VNC connections.  For Androids all the vnc apps I’ve found are broken in that they don’t bring up a keyboard when you click on an input field but aRDP free seems to work and there are probably others.  This gives you a full visual desktop even on android smart phones and tablets.  CentOS 6 also supports all of these protocols.

     Note that RDP will resize to the clients display automatically but vnc opens at 1024×768 resolution.  You can then use either the menus and go to display and alter the resolution or you can use xrandr from a terminal like this:

     xrandr -s 1680×1050

     In this example, setting the display to 1680 wide by 1050 high.