Mail Server Up – Old Shell Server Down

     The mail server is up.  It was locked up hard, not even the Linux magic sys request key had any effect.  Power cycling it brought it back up.  Nothing in the logs useful to provide any post mortem information.

     This is the only Intel machine still running an I7-2600 rather than an i7-6700k.  I am planning  on upgrading it soon.  The i7-2600 only supports 32gb of RAM where the i7-6700k supports 64gb.  You can not give Linux too much RAM, it uses any excess for buffer and that improves performance.  There are some newer Intel CPUs available and I have not decided which I am going to go with yet.

     The old shell server is not responding.  I will need to make another trip down to the co-lo facility to fix that.  It is responding to pings but nothing else.  This is a wedged state the SunOS kernel occasionally gets into.