Mail Server Down Again

     The physical host upon which the mail spool sits is down.  It is also the NIS slave that many of the machines slave off of so they won’t authenticate.

     I have to wait for a ride to get to where my car is and then from there make my way down to the co-location facility.  Because it will be rush hour by the time I get to my car it is going to take a while to get to the co-location facility.

     Once I get the mail server back up I am going to begin copying the spool from it to another physical machine and then move the virtual hosts off that box.  The fact that it has crashed twice in a weeks time suggests there is some marginal hardware issue with the machine.

     Since I had planned to upgrade it anyway I am going to move everything off the existing machine and then replace the motherboard, CPU, and memory.

     I hope to have the old hardware back up and operational by around 9AM.  It just depends upon how bad traffic is.