Eskimo and Scientific

     Eskimo crashed, even though I’ve moved it to different hardware (I am still trying to repair the old), so I will head down to the co-lo in a bit to reboot.

     Scientific Linux is slow since moving to new hardware.  It’s not load or speed of the new hardware that is the issue, Centos6 is served off of the same hardware and does not have this problem.

     Both are derived from the same Redhat 6.8 code, but I’m getting some weird errors on Scientific that I am not getting on Centos6.  I’m going to try recreating the virtual machine in a bit and if that does not work perhaps reload it from scratch.  I did have to do this with Centos6, (shellx became so corrupted it was unmaintainable).  The RPM system that these Redhat derived operating systems use tends to be easily corrupted and difficult to fix beyond a certain point.

    But this problem seems to relate to the virtual machine as it worked fine on the old host.