Done with reboots for the night.

     These reboots fixed various software flaws that Wikileaks revealed the CIA used to gain access to Linux systems.

     In addition, I took some time to debug some of the systemd start up scripts which is why I rebooted some of the servers several times.  There are still MANY bugs in these scripts to fix but a lot are fixed in Ubuntu 16.10, and probably even more in 17.04.

     I am working on upgrading the failed server although I haven’t decided which CPU to go with yet, either an i7-7700k, a lot like the i7-6700k except less heat, or a Xeon of some sort.  In the past I’ve avoided Xeon’s because the registered ECC memory was both expensive and slow as snails.  No point in a fast CPU if the memory system can’t keep up.  But now they have Xeon processors with a memory system based upon the X99 chipset that use normal DDR4 memory and flies.  So considering going that route.

     When I get the server together with the new hardware, I will try loading 17.04 on it, and if it works well, upgrade the existing machines.