Mail Server

     I’ve got the mail server home and it won’t fail now that it is here.  Gotta love it.

     None the less, I am going to replace the motherboard, CPU, and RAM.  I’ve decided to go with none of the options I initially was considering.  Intel has a new line of i7 core CPUs known as Broadwell-E.  These can address 128GB, twice what the i7-6700k or i7-7700k can address, but unlike the Xeon, they do not require buffered registered memory.  And to be fair there are some Xeon’s now that will use ordinary non-ECC non-registered non-buffered memory but they also can only address 128GB, they’re slower than Broadwell, and their memory controller is inferior.

     So I’ve ordered an Asus X99-E motherboard, an i7-6850 CPU which is a 6 core CPU capable of 4 Ghz clock in turbo, and per Intel specs only one core at that but not with Asus.  With Asus it is possible to have all cores operate at this speed provided adequate cooling is provided.

     Still looking for appropriate DDR4 memory but things are coming together.