Machines on Igloo include:

  • Debian
  • FTP (which is also the web server)
  • Mx2 (one of two incoming mail servers)
  • Radius1 (a machine used for Radius authentication, not yet in service)
  • Scientific7
  • vps3 (a customer virtual machine)
  • vps4 (another customer virtual machine)

     The crash didn’t break these but while I was at the co-lo I decided to bring Igloo’s host operating system up to snuff.  The latest Ubuntu fixed a number of systemd scripting problems that formerly made remote booting impossible (the scripts would hang at target shutdown reached).  I also suspect that it fixes a number of hacks that they have for obvious reasons not publicized.  So I brought it up from 16.04 to 16.10, the first step, and all the virtual machines broke.

     The reason why they broke is that Canonical decided to change the XML machine names and not bother to tell anyone.  I discovered this by deleting and re-installing one machine and comparing the resultant XML file.  Once I know that it was a simple edit to fix the others.

     Now I am doing the second phase of the upgrade which brings 16.04.2LTS up to 17.04.  When it finishes it will require another reboot and who knows what else they might change that it will break.