Denial of Service Attack Self Inflicted – Operator Malfunction

     Upon closer investigation, what appeared to be a denial of service attack triggering rate limiting on our name servers and crashes was in fact self inflicted.

     At some point I accidentally copied over the virtual domain configuration file for the slave name servers onto the master name server so it was effectively no longer a master.  It is a hidden server (so the master can not be attacked) but since data from the master server was no longer available, everything went fine until the zone’s on the slaves expired.

     At that point all the slaves contacted the master trying to refresh for each domain and since the master had no data to serve at that point, they could not, so they kept trying until they triggered rate limiting on the master.  Then the slaves did not know how to handle that and just died.

     Once I discovered this I was able to restore the virtual domain configuration file from backups and then the slaves updated their zone files successfully and all was good once again.