Pop before SMTP

     As you know, I recently replaced the old CentOS 6 based mail servers with new Ubuntu 17.04 based servers which allowed the implementation of new spam control facilities.

     I am now working on replacing the client mail server that provides pop3, imap, and smtp to customers mail clients.

     The old server supported pop-before-smtp for outbound mail. I will be unable to continue to provide this with the new server. Therefore, it will be necessary to configure your e-mail client to use authentication (plain password which is okay because you should also use TLS which will encrypt the entire session) for outbound SMTP mail.

     Some very antique versions of Eudora do not support this. These would have mainly been used on Windows XP and earlier systems. In this case you will need to upgrade to a more modern mail client, I recommend Thunderbird.

     I have several reasons for wanting to upgrade the outgoing mail server, the most urgent being is that the current outgoing server uses different locking methods than the new incoming server and this occasionally causes the Bayesian filters to get “stuck”.

     Secondary reason is that it will allow the installation of software that will provide MS-Exchange compatible services such as contact, and calendar services. This will mostly be helpful for people using Outlook.

     Lastly it will allow better virus filtering on outgoing mail, reducing the potential for a customer who has a virus in their system from spreading that virus to other customers.