Zorin – New Shell Server

     There is a new shell server available for your use, zorin.eskimo.comZorin is a relatively new Linux distribution that has some of the eye candy of Mint or Debian but brings with it the security and updatedness of Ubuntu.

     The following desktop environments work on it with x2go, KDE, Mate, XFCE, and LDXE.  LDXQ does not work with x2go, please don’t ask.  The problem is it uses Qt5 and Qt5 applications are not presently compatible with x2go.  This is the first OS with KDE5 that works reasonably well with X2go.  It does not have the long start up time KDE5 sessions have on some other operating systems.

     There are two problems with KDE, First, the default configuration has no logout so first thing you should do when you login is add an logout widget to a panel so you can logout when finished.

     Then there is another issue, xrandr requires version 1.3, the stable x2go only has version 1.2 and Nightly Builds does not yet work on this platform.  The work around is to use xrandr in a terminal to set your screen dimensions manually, for example, my screen is 1920×1080 so I would type in a terminal, “xrandr -s 1920×1080“.