Glhack – A Graphical Nethack

     Those of you who remember the old terminal game nethack may wish to give glhack a try.  It’s nethack with a full color graphical display rather than the old terminal interface.

     To use it you’ll need to have x2go installed on your machine.  X2go can be obtained for free for Windows, MacOS, and Linux platforms from

     It gives you a graphical desktop access to our shell servers (except for the ancient ‘’ SunOS machine, that machine does not have enough memory to support a full graphical environment).  It provides a full graphical desktop with mouse and keyboard and sound, also remote printing and the ability to mount your directory here locally on your machine or some portion of your local file system here.  There is also the ability to use USB devices remotely but I have not mastered that one yet.

     Anyway, if you have not yet installed x2go on your machine, please consider doing so, it’s a secure way to connect with full graphics, sound, keyboard, and mouse, and even remote printing, to any of our Linux shell servers.

     Glhack and many other graphical games are available on, our newest addition to our shell servers.  It is located in /usr/games, so if /usr/games is not in your path then you will need to invoke it as /usr/games/glhack.