Ubuntu Studio

      I have installed Ubuntu Studio on ubuntu.eskimo.com.  The section with Audio Production, Graphic Design, and Video Production are all part of Ubuntu Studio.  Each is a separate menu of tools dedicated to those functions.  For instance the tool I used to cut out and reduce a 1.2 MB menu image was gimp.  It is included in the graphics design section although I had previously installed it stand-alone in Graphics.

     Anyway, take a look and explore these new menus and see if they don’t contain some items you find useful.  Because these are all graphical elements you will need x2go installed on your machine.  You can get x2goclient from http://x2go.org.

     The video production facilities will require a high speed connection to the Internet, I would recommend 20mbit/s download speeds or more.  (Lower speeds will result in choppy playback but this will not effect the final video output file).