Our server that houses home directories crashed today hard at 17:30 Pacific Time (5:30PM).  It was running an experimental 4.14.0 kernel in order to try to determine at what point a bug that causes the E1000 Ethernet controller chip to hang.

     It locked up so tight not even magic sys-req key worked.  That was the mainline 4.14.0 final release.  I had to power cycle the machine to get it to respond again.

     After it did I booted 4.14.0-rc0, the first release candidate of 4.14, it immediately crashed and burned.

     I told Canonical that I can not continue testing on production machines.  I put 4.15.0-21 back in place and disabled hardware offloading on that interface.  I’ve got a broken machine that I will try to repair and use it for testing.