Investigating New Location for User Meetings

     I am investigating a new location for our user meetings.  This would be Amante Pizza on 123rd and Roosevelt Northeast in Seattle.

     The Pizza is excellent, they have spirits for those who care to imbibe, and they have a big screen TV that in theory can be connected to a computer and we can use for presentations.  Many people seem to want a more structured meeting but trying to do presentations on paper doesn’t work so well.  Being able to fire up a computer with a big screen live would be a huge plus.

     They do not know what inputs it has so I have to stop by and determine how to connect.

     I had been to Amante before when they were on 196th and just off of 44th in Lynnwood.  That restaurant had good food, great decor, but piss poor service.  This restaurant has excellent food, excellent service, but marginal decor.  However I think the room there is much more suited to our needs, it is completely walled off with glass walls from the rest of the restaurant so our noise won’t interfere with other diners and vice versa.