Web and FTP Changes

     We upgraded our WordPress to 5.01 today.  Hopefully this will not cause problems.

‘     Our virtual domain system for ftp is changing and it will no longer automatically change to your directory when someone logs in anonymously.  They will need to cd to /home/user to get to your directory.  This is in preparation for changing the ftp server from wu-ftpd which has some compatibility issues with some version of filezilla which is the most widely used ftp client on Windows systems and often Mac and Linux as well, to a newer server.  Unfortunately, wu-ftpd was/is the only ftp daemon that had the capacity to automatically change directories based upon domain or IP address.

     I am also changing the IP address of some of our servers.  Because name service changes take some time to propagate, I will be having the servers listen to both addresses for a period of time until the changes have propagated.  These changes are requiring frequent restarting of the web server so there will be brief (1-5 second) interruptions.  They should not be longer unless I mistype something in the configuration files.