Scientific 7 Added to Host Desktop or Terminal

     The feature Host Desktop or Terminal allows you to connect to one of our shell servers either as a full graphical desktop or a simple text terminal from the web.

     This feature is full encrypted end to end.  The only possible security threat with a public system is if a keystroke logger is installed on the machine you are originating from.

     Scientific Linux has just been added to the hosts you can access this way.

     When you first connect, Guacamole, the software used to make this connection, will ask for a login and password.  The login and password are both “public” for our public Linux shell hosts.  The individual host will then prompt for your login and password, this is the same login and password that you use to access e-mail or via ssh.

     You can get to this feature via the “Web Apps” pull down menu on our website at or you can go directly to  Please note that the terminating ‘/’ is necessary in this case.