Mail Server Replacement

     I am going to replace the existing Centos6 based system powering with a brand new Ubuntu 19.10 based system.

     This brings with it immediately only some minor benefits, new stronger key exchange methods for key exchange for example.

     In the longer term it will also bring better spam and virus filtering.

     Because I’ve had this new server on a different hostname and IP address getting it ready, I will need to take the old machine down and then change the hostname and IP address of the temporary name to

     In addition because of changes in the ownership convention between CentOS6 and Ubuntu, I will need to change the owner on all the list files.  This may take some time so mail lists may be out of service for an hour or more.

     During this interval you will not be able to send mail and you will only be able to read mail via non IMAP based shell mail programs.