Maintenance Down Times

     Between 11PM Sunday June 21st and 2AM Monday June 22nd:

     vps2, vps3, vps4, vps5, and vps7 about 1/2 hour each for imaging.

     scientific7, uucp, and mx1 about 1/2 hour for scientific7 and about 15 minutes for the other two.  mx1 will not be service affecting as mx2 will handle the traffic while it is down.  You can use centos7 as an alternative to scientific7 during it’s downtime, they are essentially the same code base.

     mint, ubuntu about an hour each, ftp/web about 1/2 hour.

     Mint and Ubuntu have similar code base to Debian, Julinux, and Zorin, suggest using one of those as alternate during this work.


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