OpenSuse Shell Server to be Discontinued

     I am discontinuing shell server because users have been unable to authenticate for several months owing to a broken library in opensuse that incorrectly attempts to originate connections to ypserv on an unprivileged port.

     I filed a bug report with Suse several months ago, nothing has come of it in the way of a fix.

     I attempted to login to the bug reporting system but was informed that authentication methods had changed and I would have to convert my password.  I’ve tried to do that many times but their system keeps telling me the system module is down.

     Obviously maintenance is not happening there anymore so I’m going to abandon OpenSuse and take suggestions for a new Linux distro to replace it.  I prefer distros that are based upon .deb packages verses RPM’s given the choice, the former just has much less tendency to scramble it’s database and have problems with dependencies.

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