Iglulik Web Outage

     I have reverted Iglulik to an older known stable kernel and still it spontaneously booted last night (and did not start the web server upon recovery) so now I know there is a hardware problem.

     Tonight shortly after midnight I will be taking this machine down for a while to run some diagnostics to try to identify the hardware problem since nothing is showing up in the logs.  Most likely CPU or memory error, most other things would have been logged.

     It’s been a while since I last did a BIOS update and the last Asus BIOS update I did on my workstation in April greatly improved stability so I will check for a BIOS update while I’m at it.

     Because this server has the /home directories, ALL shell servers and the web server will be out of service and pop/imap will ONLY be able to access your INBOX and no others during this maintenance.

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