Iglulik Status

     Sorry the downtime was longer than anticipated.  I ran many stress tests and was not able to get the machine to error, freeze, overheat, or otherwise act up.

     First, I upgraded the BIOS because experience has taught me that newer Asus BIOS software is generally more stable than old Asus software.  On my workstation I had to set the CPU core at 1.39v to be stable at 5Ghz with the older BIOS, the newest allowed me to reduce that to .95v which is easier on the CPU.

     The BIOS has a function where you can save the configuration to a thumb drive and generally you want to do this before an update because it erases all the settings.  It saved just fine but the new BIOS would not read the file created by the old so I had to reconfigure everything by hand.

     I did find some less than optimal settings, for example I had decode above 4G disabled, the problem with this is that it forced Linux to use bounce buffers rather than the hardware DMA’ing directly into the location where the data is required or from it, thus making I/O less efficient, so I fixed that.

     I also increased the CPU core from 1.29v to 1.35v which makes the CPU run slightly hotter and decreased the clock from 4.3 Ghz to 4.2 Ghz so that if it was on the edge of stability it should be better.  However, I ran many stress tests and was unable to get it to fail before I made the changes.

     I ran additional stress tests after completing these changes to make sure temperatures were still within an acceptable range and they were well within safe limits even with the higher CPU core voltage.  So at this point I am just going to watch it and see if it is still a problem.

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