Unannounced Kernel Upgrade

     I apologize for the unannounced kernel upgrade this morning but it was done rapidly because a security flaw was discovered in 5.8 and earlier kernels that I wanted to eliminate as rapidly as possible.  We are now running 5.9 kernels.

     This took two rounds last night because my first build of 5.9 was not correctly configured for our servers so I had to rebuild, re-install, and reboot again.

     5.9 has a minor bug in the NFS code that is printing some warnings.  It involves a race condition when a client attempts to open a file it doesn’t have permissions to open.  Since the open would have failed anyway on the basis of permissions I do not believe this bug has any significant operational consequences other than making noise in the kernel logs.

     I checked bugzilla and there is already a bug report filed though given the relatively low severity I doubt it will get rapid attention, but I’m added to the notification list so we will update again once fixed.