5.10 kernels available

     If you run a Debian based distro (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, MxLinux, Zorin, Julinux, etc) and would like to try 5.10, I have made .deb packages available in https://www.eskimo.com/kernel/linux-5.10-tickless/[client|server|/…deb

     Choose client if low latency is the most important thing, typically used in a workstation, gaming, or video production environment, and server if throughput is most important.  The client kernels are fully preemptive and have 1000Hz clock (but tickless), and the server kernels are non-preemptive with a 100Hz clock.

     Navigate to the appropriate directory then download all three “.deb” files and install with:

     dpkg -i *.deb