New Kernels

     I’ve compiled and placed online the latest mainstream Linux kernels 5.11rc4 and 5.10.9.  The 5.11rc4 is only available in client form since it is still a release candidate it is not really suitable for server use yet.  When the official release comes out I will place a server version.

     The kernels can be obtained from:{version}-tickless/{client|server}/files.deb.

     There are three files for each kernel, download them all and install with: dpkg -i *.deb  These will work on any debian based distribution such as Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, MxLinux, Zorin, Julinux, etc.

     These are all compiled as fully tickless kernels.  This is advantageous in situations where not wasting CPU cycles servicing clock interrupts where there is no work to be done is advantages, such as laptops where battery life is a concern or hosts with many virtual machines where each virtual machine wasting CPU totally can end up wasting more than real applications.

     The “client” kernels are fully pre-emptive with a 1000Hz clock rate to minimize latency and are the best choice for multi-media, gaming, home desktops and workstations.  The “server” kernel is non-pre-emptive with a 100Hz clock to maximize throughput at the expense of latency.

     These kernels are all capable of running on bare metal or virtualized environments.  They are all capable of hosting KVM/Qemu virtual machines provided you have the proper vt-t/vt-d instructions in your CPU.