Need PCIe SSD with Atomic Writes for MariaDB

     I recently turned up a Hubzilla in addition to the Friendica Fediverse social media site here.  Sunday it seemed to be okay but come Monday the server was seeing loads of around 150 or so at which point a number of web apps turned themselves off.  Also it was exhausted on connections which made many peoples WordPress sites break.

     After much fine tuning I’ve gotten MySQL to handle a touch over 400 transactions per second, but occasionally hubzilla spikes higher than that and the load will temporarily rise.

     After doing some research on MariaDB and tuning it as best I could, now load only goes up to about 8 as opposed to 150, but virtually all waiting processes are waiting on DIsk I/O at that point so it appears that peaks are saturating the drives I/O capability.  Already this is on a 4-disk RAID 10 array with everything pretty finely tuned.

     Researching I am finding most people are not getting much better than 400 TPS on rotary drives and perhaps 500 TPS with M.2 SSD drives, but with a PCIE SSD drive that supports atomic writes, up to 1500 TPS has been obtained.

     So I am searching for same but not having much luck.  I can find lots of M.2s but can not find PCIE drives.  When I search I only find PCIE SSD adapters, not what I need.

     Does anybody know where I can source these and who makes them, perhaps some make and model numbers?