Kernel Upgrade Friday July 30th 11PM-Midnight

     Going to do another kernel upgrade this Friday starting at 11PM providing a crash doesn’t force one sooner.

     I didn’t want to move to 5.13 so early in the release cycle, actually didn’t want to move to it at all but was forced to by the Sequoia exploit.

     There are lots of bugs, most of them minor networking bugs affecting outlying cases but a few that are relevant and some memory leaks.  This early in the release cycle this is unfortunately the norm.

     This upgrade will not require any futzing with drivers since it is only a minor point release so everything should get done by 11:30PM or so.  Might be some NFS issues to clean up although after I last rebooted the mail server ALL of the NFS clients rebound properly so I think they are finally getting NFS stable.