Kernel Upgrades – Friday September 24th 11pm-12 midnight Pacific Daylight Time

     We’ll be doing kernel upgrades of all machines this coming Friday starting at 11pm.  Interruption to most services should be relatively brief, however, web based services may take approximately 1/2 hour to restore.  This is because I’ll be reverting the physical host to a 5.13.19 kernel (presently the only host on 5.14) as 5.14 did not fix the ethernet issue AND has proven to be less than stable.  Because a different driver for the flash card is required for 5.14 to 5.13 I can not use the dkms mechanism to compile this driver and because to compile it fresh the machine needs to be running the kernel upon which the driver is running, I will need to first reboot the physical host to 5.13, (it will be the 5.13.19 EOL kernel) and then recompile the drivers, then bring up the web server.  From previous experience this process requires around 1/2 hour.

     Web service includes all our virtual hosts,,,, and all webmail services as well as our own website,

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