Phishing Scams – Please Read

     A “Phishing Scam” is a scam designed to get your credentials for things like access to your mail here, or your bank account information, or your Amazon account, etc.  Here is an example:

 —– Your  Password expired today at 9/29/2021 11:25:07 a.m.

Use this button to continue with the same password as before.


     If you receive something like this bounce or forward it to  Do NOT click on any link provided in the e-mail.  It most likely will just ask for your authentication info here which would give a hacker access to your account and might also infect your computer with Malware, particularly if you are using Windows.

     We do not use password aging or expiration here.  My belief is that it only encourages the choice of bad passwords so that they can be easily remembered and guessed.  So you will NEVER get a legitimate message like this from us.