Mail Server Changes Completed

     Mail server changes are completed.  Mail that fails SPF, DKIM, or DMARC checks will no longer be rejected outright, instead they will be placed in your spam folder by default.  In the process of implementing this, I discovered many perl modules needed by spamassassin where not installed and so portions of spamassassin were not functioning.  Spam filtering should therefore be more effective now.

     You can now whitelist these as you could other e-mails scored as spam using the spam control facilities described here:

     Similarly you can write procmail rules that handle such failures as you desire.  E-mails will now contain a header line like this:

     Authentication-Results:; dmarc=pass (p=none dis=none)

     That dmarc= may be “pass”, “fail”, or “none” and you can write rules to key off of these if you so desire.

     By default, any e-mail that arrives in your “spam” box should not be trusted, forged mails will go here.  So if you get e-mail from your bank saying you need to update your authentication or some such, do NOT click on the link if said mail is in your spam box.

     As a general safety note, I recommend NEVER clicking on these types of links, instead go directly to the site in question and make any necessary changes there.

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