Julinix.Yellow-Snow.Net and Eskimo.com

     I have decommissioned julinix.yellow-snow.net because in the last year only two people have logged into it and each of them only once.  It is basically Ubuntu re-themed anyway so doesn’t really offer anything unique.

     I am in the process of decommissioning the eskimo.com shell server because it is an antique SunOS server that has some compatibility issues with Linux NIS and login system.  Linux natively supports usernames up to 16 characters long and passwords with 16 significant characters and much stronger encryption.  SunOS supports only triple-DES encryption, eight significant characters, and maximum login length of eight characters.  Linux supports very large numbers in UID and GID, but SunOS is limited to 65535 as the highest each.  Once the transition to a new NIS master is completed you will no longer be able to access eskimo.com shell server BUT you will be able to have longer usernames and passwords and you will be able to change your password from any server.  A process that is not possible because of these incompatibilities presently.