Happy Mother’s Day + Maintenance Notice

     I wish to wish all of you who are Mother’s a very happy Mother’s day!

     My mother has been gone from this planet for about a decade now.  She was the wisest woman I’ve ever known in my life.  Lived a hard life but threw her best effort at it.  She is with the Lord now I am sure, she was a good woman.

     Today I also tested negative for Covid so in spite of being 63, diabetic, with high blood pressure and overweight it didn’t succeed in killing me!  Well now I have natural immunity without having had a clot-shot.  I know there are still people who believe in that thing but I would suggest strongly you avail yourself to some of the 75,000 pages of data Pfiezer was forced to release.  Strangely, I have had some folks be angry at me for not taking the clot-shot but I’ve not endangered anyone as I completely self-isolated for the duration of the disease.

     And on a final note, I will be taking the web server down again tonight for a while making one more attempt to upgrade.  I actually had it working briefly under 22.04 last night but with the wrong version of openssl, and trying to correct that resulted in a chain reaction of deleted software owing to new dependencies in 22.04 that are going to require some work-arounds, so I had to revert to the previous backup.

     End of life for the OS on the web server happens this July so push is coming close to shove.  After that there are no security updates and the web server is perhaps the most exposed server in terms of the total number of services it makes available to exploit so it is of particular importance to keep current.

     This will affect all web sites hosted under Eskimo North shared hosting plans as well as https://friendica.eskimo.com, https://hubzilla.eskimo.com/, https://nextcloud.eskimo.com/, and https://www.eskimo.com.

     The plan is tonight to get it into the same state where it is on 22.04 but still running the old openssl, then write backups, then work on correcting that which unfortunately is going to also require fixing much of my build environment which upgrading to 22.04 also broke.

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